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MRQE.com – the Movie Review Query Engine, founded in 1993 by Stewart M. Clamen, is the Internet’s largest database of movie reviews for over 100,000 titles. The continually growing site provides a searchable index of all published and available reviews, news, interviews, and other materials associated with specific movies. The unique combination of reviews, news, and user discussion—all accessed through MRQE’s search portal—allows any user to read and add to the Internet’s most comprehensive collection of opinion about film. MRQE.com is commonly abbreviated as MRQE and pronounced "marquee."

Through its strategic partnership with the New York business development and investment firm, The Loft Group (www.loftgroup.net), MRQE has added significant new features in keeping with its mission of delivering the most comprehensive information and opinions to cinema fans worldwide.

About the MRQE Metric & Critics’ Graph

Accumulating reviews from the greatest number of critics on print and the web, the MRQE Metric compiles the voice of critical opinion and presents a definitive number for each film. The number, listed between 0-100, is based on an average of these reviews, with the five categories of A-F. Unlike a grading scale, the letters convert to numbers as follows: A = 100; B = 75; C = 50; D = 25; F = 0.

Generally, films that rate above 70 have favorable reviews, films that rate between 70 and 50 have mixed reviews, and films under 50 have poor reviews. The grades are coupled with MRQE's Critics' Graph, which displays the critical consensus for each film. Amassing the most reviews from print and the web, the MRQE Metric and Critics' Graph is the definitive source for aggregated movie reviews.

Film Metadata

Some film-related metadata used at MRQE.com — including cast, crew, synopses, and poster art — is supplied by TMDb.

 MRQE.com uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

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Under each movie poster thumbnail across MRQE, you might notice a little button, served to us via our new partner, GoWatchIt. By clicking the "Watch It" button, you will quickly and easily find where that film is currently playing across all viewing platforms: in theaters, on DVD/Blu-ray, or on VOD. With GoWatchIt, you can keep track of the movies you want to watch, and receive alerts as soon as they become available on the services you care about. GoWatchIt is your universal queue for any platform. Visit GoWatchIt at www.gowatchit.com or download the GoWatchIt app on iTunes or Google Play.